Andy is our Kat Kountry 105 Kountry Kat of the Week. Andy will celebrate his four month anniversary this week. He was the only boy born in a litter of three. He's a good looking fella. He's mischievous and playful.

Andy is litter box trained and has been vaccinated, vet-checked and neutered. He's ready for a good home. He said he'd prefer an Aunt Bea type to be his master but he's really not fussy. Call the Humane Society at (507) 451-4512 to arrange a meeting with Andy.

Check out the other cats and dogs looking for homes by going to the Steele County Humane Society web site.

The Humane Society accepts donations of pet supplies such as leashes, collars and unused cat and dog food along with kitty litter.

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Photo courtesy of the Steele County Humane Society.