The Kat Kountry 105 Kountry Kat of the Week is a special needs kitty. Cream Puff has a nonprogressive neurological disorder. As a result he has some difficulty in maintaining his balance and has a tendency to wobble. His condition will not worsen. He may show some improvement as he grows and gets stronger. With his motor skills underdeveloped he would be best on a single-floor home as stairs can be a challenge. Having a carpeted floor will help him move around as well.,

Cream Puff was born last July and enjoys being held. He is litter boxed trained.

Cream Puff is one of the featured cats at this Saturday's Steele County Humane Society Pet Adoption Day. Meet Cream Puff between noon and 2PM at SMART Transit at 3325 Ninth Street N.W. in Owatonna. To get there, take Old 14/Hoffman Drive west toward Waseca. Turn left onto 32nd Avenue N.W. and then right onto Ninth Street N.W.