It's a fact, if you have an outside dog or one who regularly goes out in the winter, you're probably going to have a mess to clean up. Spring is here and the dirty work needs to be done.

Now allow me to give you some advice about crap. I know a little bit about this subject as I've been in radio just shy of 40 years. Let's talk about those who use tools for cleaning up the yard. A rake will just break it up and spread it around, making it harder to pick up. A shovel is hard to use on the grass and can damage the grass as well. For me, hands down, it's one of those plastic-tined forks designed for use in cow or horse stalls. The tines are close enough together to gather up the residue. The tines are close together like a metal silage fork. However, with a metal fork you'll have problems with the tines wanting to jab into the soil and it's difficult to pull it back out of the ground. The plastic fork's tines aren't as sharp and won't dig into the soil. You'll also find that, if done carefully, you'll also be lifting up some dead grass with the doo doo. These forks can be found at just about any hardware store and run around $15 or so.