Rory Feek of Joey + Rory shared a new post on his blog This Life I Live Thursday morning (Jan. 28) in which he admits that he's been thinking a lot about the symbol in between he and Joey's names.

Rory recalls the duo's quick success on CMT's Can You Duet in 2008 and realizing it was time to choose a band name. With their future in mind, they opted not to use "&" or "and," but a plus sign instead.

"When we found out we had made it through the first round of auditions, they asked us what our stage name was going to be," Rory writes. "I told Joey that I think we should tell them “Joey+Rory”, because that’s what it actually was…

You + Me = whatever this is going to be.

She agreed. And though it might have been a bit confusing to others, the plus-sign made sense to us, and that’s all that mattered. And so our career singing together started off with a bang…"

Rory later comments that while he was right about the plus sign in their name, that little cross has come to mean so much more throughout their years together.

"What we were actually adding into the equation that day in 2008 … was God. It was faith that we were adding — a willingness to trust Him and be okay with whatever He had in store. That’s where the power is. There’s nothing magical about Joey and I together," he continues. "We bring our skills and talents into this union, but God brings the magic. He takes those gifts and adds in His timing and mixes it with all the years of joy and hardship and smiles and pain we’ve had … and He makes something bigger."

Rory adds that the greatest magic in their lives is their daughter Indiana, whom he calls, "the most precious addition." He admits that he is constantly struggling with the question of how he has been given such an incredible being in his daughter while it being "followed by such a heartbreaking subtraction" with Joey's sickness.

"I cannot even begin to imagine going home to Tennessee without Joey, or living my life and raising Indy without her … but I know that day is coming," he acknowledges. "Joey and I both have questions. Hard questions. And we don’t have any answers for them. But still, we have faith — we choose to believe. That’s why they call it faith. If we knew all the answers, no faith would be required."

Rory says that he and Joey make a conscious effort to only see the plus signs in their lives, including all the extra weeks they've been able to spend together, as the doctors previously said that they didn't expect Joey to make it to Thanksgiving.

"And every day, when our little one wakes and I pick her up from her crib and take her in to see her mama – and her sleepy little almond eyes look into ours, once more we see …the amazing power of the plus sign," he concludes.

In October of last year, Rory Feek shared on his blog that Joey would no longer seek medical treatment to battle her cancer, as it was spreading too rapidly through her body. He has shared their journey throughout the past several months on This Life I Live.

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