I joined fellow Faribault Lions Club members Sunday in working at the 49th annual Pancake and Sausage Feast at the Faribault Eagles Club. We served about 700 people. Yes, the number is down from previous years, but as I told fellow Lions, it was still a success.

When I asked someone last week if they would like tickets to the event the reply was, "I don't like pancakes that much." Here's a newsflash for you, it's not about the pancakes! Or the sausage! It's about raising money to help the Lions deliver dictionaries to third-graders. Proceeds from nut sales went toward the Basic Blessings Backpack program.

Don't get me wrong, the pancakes were delicious (if I do say so myself) and the sausage was pretty good, too. The Emeralds and other youth helping out did a fantastic job, and that's another reason why it was a success. At the peak of this event, 1,200 people were served.

There are a lot more options these days for people on the day of the NFL's biggest game. Even people who aren't football fans attend parties and rate the commercials and watch the halftime show. During the half I went out and blew my sidewalks free of the snow and made it back just a few minutes into the second half. Sorry, Katy Perry, not that you care.

Speaking of nuts! Was the last play call by the Seattle Seahawks the dumbest play call you've ever seen? The clock is winding down. Marshawn Lynch just ran four yards to the one, you can afford to waste a play and milk more clock and force New England to take a time out and you THROW THE BALL! Pete Carroll took the blame for it, but I have a feeling former Vikings Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell had a hand in it. It didn't really matter to me, because I don't really care for either coach. Bill Belichick hasn't been a favorite since spygate and Carroll got USC in trouble and then jumped to the NFL.

Next year, the Faribault Lions will have our 50th event. We're trying to brainstorm ideas to celebrate. Pancakes in the shape of footballs maybe? Please remember it isn't about the pancakes or the nuts, it's about helping the youth of our community -- they are our future! I bet even a third-grader would've given the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the one-yard line.