We have a number of great items up for auction, and they go to the highest bidder. Just click the button below and check them out.

These certificates are just like cash and include a pair of $500 certificates to Alexander Lumber. Remember they sell more than lumber. How about some of those 18-volt batteries you use in your power tools? Here's a chance to get some for up to 60 percent off. Buy a bunch and give them out for gifts this Christmas. Every guy has power tools, even if he doesn't use them. I inherited some of my late father-in-law's power tools, but my wife discourages me from using them. She says watching me with my eyes shut and grasping a power saw with both hands and yelling, "Am I through it yet?" makes her nervous.

How about some paint? I haven't bought paint in a long time, though my wife bought a couple of gallons last week. As usual, I didn't ask her how much she paid as that usually leads to problems.

Also up for bid is a $400 certificate to Tone Music. It could be yours for as little as $80. If you're not sure your child is absolutely positive they'll keep the commitment to stay in band, here's your chance. If they change their mind and quit band you'll only be out $80 instead of hundreds. Keep in mind you'll also get a chance to stop in and chat with Uncle Jerry while you shop. Having the opportunity to chat with a wise man like Jerry is probably worth the price of the certificate. Why spend all the money and time to visit with the Dalai Lama when you do just as good by stopping at Tone and talking to Jerry.

Take a look at that great-looking air compressor from Carquest. They are handy to have around, and fun, too. Start it up and call "here kitty kitty," and then push the knob in and blow out the air and watch kitty run.

Hurry, bidding ends Friday.