The Path Joey Takes

By Lisa Marie

It was just past dusk as Joey was on his way to Jay's house to hang out and play some video games. He walked along a muddy path, tossing a foam football around. The Supermoon was out so the trees were throwing shadows.

Joey suddenly heard shuffling sounds behind him. Startled, he dropped the ball. As he bent to pick it up, he heard chuckling in his ear. When he turned to the sound, nobody was there. As Joey turned back, he saw a brief glimpse of a big white face right in front of him and then it vanished.

Joey began to stumble faster to Jay's. Then out of nowhere he heard a blood-curdling scream! As the hairs on his neck stood up, he stopped dead in his tracks and then began running.

Looking around, he suddenly realized that nothing looks familiar. It's getting dark fast and he wanted to be at Jay's now!

Joey then noticed a dark figure standing under a corner light. Just as he started to look away, the figure disappeared and he once again heard the shuffling sound behind him. He started to run but tripped. He stumbled to his feet only to find himself in front of Jay's house. The problem is that none of the other houses belong there.

Joey heard that piercing scream again. He suddenly jerked awake and saw that big white face right in front of him again, but the scream turned into the laughter of his brother taking off a mask.

Joey begins to throw the ball at his brother, then freezes as he notices the wet mud on it.