I realize a number of kids will attain their initial first place finish at this year's Steele County Free Fair. However, just a couple of weeks ago, young Bayley was in tears. She competed for the first time in a fair. At the Freeborn County fair, her horse Lu got in a stubborn streak and wouldn't do anything. The young gal was heartbroken. It would have been easy to just walk away disgusted or say "this ain't for me". However, she got back in the saddle and decided to try again, this time at the Steele County Free Fair.

Bayley took first in the Walk and Trot and the Costume competition. Bet she was happy. Another lesson learned by competing at the fair. It's a lesson we all learn sooner or later. Nobody can win all the time. Dust yourself off and get back on your feet.

Bayley is the daughter of Chris and Sarah Irhke of Geneva.