This was something I put out a while back, and I decided because it still rings pretty true especially during the winter and holiday season, that it was worth putting out there again.

For some reason, Minnesotans are unique in a special way. We have different favorite foods than anybody else, we supposedly talk differently from other Midwesterners, we dress differently. Here is a list of things from Odyssey that apparently are true if you are a Minnesota native.


  • 1

    Mom says she's making tater tot hot dish and you get super excited.

  • 2

    Someone was rude to you at the store, but you come up with reasons why you should not get mad at them.

  • 3

    "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all."

    Scott Griessel
  • 4

    "Please grab me a pop."

  • 5

    You get very excited heading up north to the cabin for a weekend.

  • 6

    We are not ashamed of our "Purple Pride," even when the team is not doing well.

    Getty Images
  • 7

    Wind chill factor of -45 and school canceled? Nah.

  • 8

    MOA? I'd rather shop where there are fewer tourists.

    Volker Kreinacke
  • 9

    You start saying goodbye an hour before you have to be out the door during the holidays.

    Ryan McVay
  • 10

    Summer is called "Construction Season." Better add 45 minutes to the commute.

  • 11

    You know that Minnesota has way more than 10,000 lakes: 11,842 to be exact.

  • 12

    You have a special hatred for mosquitos.

    Andrei Krauchuk
  • 13

    You wear shorts when it is 40 degrees or warmer.

    Lea Adams
  • 14

    How far is it? "67 miles." No, I mean how long does it take to get there?

    Jackie Corley, Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
  • 15

    When you were a kid, you made it a priority to go to the bathroom before you put all your snow gear on.

    Wojciech Gajda
  • 16

    This is a bonus one: Most of your friends' last names end in -son