I kept it secret for a while. I'm talking about the thing I looked forward to the most at the Steele County Free Fair. It was and still is those little doggy and kitty grab bags sold by the Steele County Humane Society. They're 50 cents or $1, and I'd buy a couple and then sort out the treats for my cat or dog on the deck after a day at the fair. I let it slip one day and found out that I was just one of many people who had the same anticipation that I have in buying a surprise treat bag for my animals. My mother has always said I was easy to baby sit for and I guess as I get older, I'm beginning to understand. It doesn't take much to keep me occupied.

In preparation for filling the bags for this years fair, the Humane Society is asking for donations of:

  • Lunch-size paper bags
  • Ziploc-type sandwich baggies
  • Ziploc-type snack-sized baggies

These may be dropped off at their offices in the Owatonna Business Incubator Building Monday through Friday from 9AM to 1PM. Cash donations also will be accepted.

So if you have some extra baggies around your house, don't let them go to waste. The Humane Society can use them.