The American Farm Bureau Federation states in a news release that our traditional Thanksgiving meal will actually cost us just a little bit less this year. In 2015 the cost for an average Thanksgiving meal for 10 broke the $50 level with an average of $50.11. This year's feast will cost on average $49.87, which is a decrease of 24 cents.

The turkey itself will average $1.42 a pound this year, which is 2 cents less than last year. Other items that will cost a little less this year include milk, pumpkin pie mix, carrots and celery.

Items that have gone up a little in price include pie shells, green peas, fresh cranberries, whipping cream and sweet potatoes. Either way, the average consumer should be able to provide a traditional Thanksgiving meal for one person for under $5.

My Thanksgiving this year will be a bit different as the family is out in Wyoming for my nephew's wedding. I remained behind because I will be a pallbearer at my aunt's funeral on Friday. My neighbor will be alone as well due to work constraints. We're thinking about doing Thanksgiving dinner together during the football games. Two old men in a workshop watching football and enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. We just have to decide on the menu: Do we want cans or twist-off bottles?