Minnesota isn't just the land of 10,000 lakes – we're also home to a ton of great ideas and inventions. But how many of these did you know about?

From entertainment, to fashion, and even food, below are seven priceless gifts that Minnesota gave to the world:

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    We'll start with something completely obvious.

    I love Target, you love Target, heck everybody loves them some Target.

    It's not very often my family goes longer than a week without making a stop at this Minnesota-born retailer. In fact, we love it so much, my wife and I picked up seasonal jobs this past winter to help pay for Christmas... and can you guess where we bought most of our gifts? Bingo.

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    You're not a true Minnesotan if you've never had a bite of Spam. Yeah, maybe it's not the most popular food in the world. But Spam has its place on someone's dinner table.

    In fact, Austin even built their own Museum for Spam... AND it's about to host its first ever wedding this month! 

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    Oregon Trail

    Who remembers all the countless times you died of dysentery? Before there were high-definition shoot-em-up games like “Call of Duty,” or even classic quests such as “Super Mario Bros.” there was one game that every child who grew up in the late '80s/early '90s remembers playing…and it was invented right here in Minnesota back in 1971!

    Inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame last year, it was recently made into a card game last year and sold exclusively at - where else - Target.

    Credit: Target.com
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    Who knew those crazy zebra pants you saw growing up as a kid in the '90s were made in our own backyard? Created back in 1988, they've flirted with making a comeback in recent years. Admit it, you probably owned more than one pair because they were just so comfy!

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    Act II Microwave Popcorn

    Patented by Minnesota-based General Mills in 1981, it's hard to imagine not watching your favorite movie at home without some on your lap... and the floor, and between the couch cushions too.

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    Open-Heart Surgery

    While you'd guess the first successful open-heart surgery would be done at mother Mayo here in Rochester, it was actually performed at the University of Minnesota in 1952! Since then, countless lives have been saved by the procedure.

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    Come on, with the winters we have in Minnesota, you can't possibly be surprised we came up with this brilliant idea. Did you know Minneapolis is home to the longest continuous skyway in the world, spanning nearly 80 blocks and 8 miles? Uff-da! Plus, with the future of the DMC becoming more and more clear by the day, you just know the skyways here in Rochester will play a major role as well.