I enjoy heading out to auctions. You get to know so many people. Not necessarily by name but by what they usually bid on. I'm a bottom feeder, or a "dollar daddy." If no one bids the auctioneer will ask for a buck and maybe I'll bite. It also helped to have grandparents and parents that found it hard to part with anything. A lot of that stuff has wound up in my playhouse. I've even dug up some interesting things at my place. The previous owner drove dump truck and road grader. When he got a pile of stuff he'd just blade it over. The joke was that when the mortgage was due, I'd grab a shovel and metal detector and start looking in my yard for something to sell. Take a look at this video and see how many of these items you can identify. Just watch the YouTube video below. There's one that's got me stumped. Maybe you can tell me what it is.