I'll combine pop and country artists into one on this. I'll start with a trivia question and give you the answer at the end.

  1. This pop megastar has two children. They're both boys. He fathered the first at age 17 and the second at age 47. Yup, two children who are 30 years apart. Think about it and let's continue.
  2. The name Chip Davis probably doesn't ring a bell. He founded the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a group that automatically brings out the Yuletide season feeling with their many Christmas arrangements. Davis is also a songwriter. One of his biggest hits was "Convoy." Remember that No. 1 tune from the early '70s recorded by C.W. McCall? Somehow "Convoy" and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra just don't seem to jive, but the same man is behind both.
  3. Kenny Rogers has a brother named Roy. No, it's not the singing cowboy Roy. However, speaking of Roy Rogers, did you realize that he and Dale Evans combined for seven marriages? Back to Kenny for a second, his mother's name was Lucille. Was he thinking of mom when he recorded that monster pop/country hit "Lucille" in the mid-'70s?
  4. What do these artists have in common -- Lari White, Trace Adkins, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead and Danny Thomas? They're all missing a finger. White lost hers to an electric fan, Adkins sliced off his tip with a knife, Garcia lost his digit to an ax and Thomas lost a finger in a gun accident.
  5. Let's talk Tony Burrows. Tony who? You've maybe never heard the name but how about these old pop hits: "Beach Baby" by First Class, "My Baby Loves Lovin" by White Plains, "United We Stand" by Brotherhood of Man, "Gimme That Ding" by the Pipkins, and "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" by Edison Lighthouse. Burrows sang lead on all five hits. Some of these songs were on the charts at the same time. Burrows recorded the songs in studio and when the songs became hits, the studio would put together a band and send them out on tour (minus Tony singing lead).
  6. The Minnesota Twins play the Cleveland Indians next week. Keep an ear open for the name Brandon Moss. He's on pace to hit more than 20 home runs for the fourth straight season. He's a Georgia boy. Maybe you've heard of his cousin, Alan Jackson, the country star whose mother's maiden name happens to be "Musick."

Time to wrap it up with the answer to Question 1. The superstar with two children born 30 years apart is Tom Jones.