My friend and co-worker Lisa had some great made-in-Minnesota movie ideas. I had some others that are some of my favorites that she did not mention. So I wanted to add these to the list and these are in no particular order.


  • 1

    Foolin Around (1980)

    Gary Busey is a college student who falls for Annette O'Toole. Much of this filmed around downtown Minneapolis and the lakes area.

  • 2


    William H. Macy and Frances McDormand star in this murder-kidnapping story, which is set in Fargo, N.D., but much of the filming takes place in the Twin Cities and northern Minnesota.

  • 3

    Little Big League

    Luke Edwards stars as a kid who inherits the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather, played by Jason Robards. Timothy Busfeld ("Field of Dreams") and John Ashton ("Beverly Hills Cop") also star. A good portion of the film takes place inside the now-demolished Metrodome.

  • 4

    Airport 1970

    What a cast. Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Helen Hayes, George Kennedy and Jacqueline Bisset lead an all-star cast. First of the great airplane disaster movies, set in Chicago, but most of it filmed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International. Local TV star Nancy Nelson and broadcaster Johnny Canton had parts.

  • 5

    Ice Castles

    Lynn Holly Jonson stars as an Olympic skater who loses her sight, and with the help and encouragement of Robbie Benson returns to the ice. Tom Skeritt and Coleen Dewhurst also star.