He has a number of hits and one No. 1, plus has traveled to entertain our troops: Mark Wills, according to his website.

Mark Wills, according to cmt.com, grew up in Blue Ridge, Georgia. He sang in a garage band and in church. As a 17-year-old, he won a talent contest and went on to play some clubs. Wills also sent tapes to Atlanta and Nashville.

Wills has eight Top 10 singles, including "Wish You Were Here" and "Don't Laugh at Me." Wills also hit No. 1 for six weeks with "19 Somethin" in 2002 and it was the song of the year. In 2009, it was named the second most-played song of the decade.

Wills was named the Top New Male Vocalist in 1998 from the ACMs. He was nominated at the CMAs for Single, Video, and Song of the Year.

He has released a new CD, Looking For America, in 2011. His signature storytelling songs include "Smoking Gun," "A Whole World" and "Rocking The Country."

Wills has traveled overseas to entertain our troops and done a variety of USO, Fallen Soldier Charities and Champions For Champions Organizations in the U.S.

In 2010, Wills went to the doctor because of a "poking" in his side and flu-like symptoms that turned out to be an intestinal infection. He was admitted right away and has a scar to prove it.

Mark Wills is married and has two daughters.

Here are a few tidbits about Mark Wills:

  • Since he is a Leo, he would pick to be a lion over any other animal.
  • He does not like snakes.
  • His first car was a Volkswagen Rabbit
  • He does NOT like peanut brittle.

Mark Wills' words of advice: "Be true to yourself."