You can't get any closer than this, can you? A real Green Bay Packers fan. This was a Christmas present from my wife many years ago. Perhaps it was 12-15 years ago that she brought this home from a junk shop in Northern Minnesota. It's what we collectors call a Bell Crank Oscillator made by General Electric in I believe 1928 or so. The fan was a piece of junk with very little paint left and the cord in shreds.

Mr. Naivete here decided to restore it. I remember sitting on the deck taking it apart and applying paint stripper. I can't recall the rest of the details, but I ran into some type of problem or problems. I'm not mechanical. Every time I have to put a screw in or take one out, I run to the bathroom and wash my hands. Let's see, the faucet goes lefty loosey and righty tighty. Then walk back out to my project still making the twisting motion of either screwing in or unscrewing a screw. Anyway the old fan parts got shoved in a corner and forgotten. I know when I'm licked.

Then along comes Christmas many years ago. In one of my packages is this fan. My dear wife had lined up folks to restore it for me. A late member of the Antique Fan Collectors and friend had rewired it and put it back together. A local gal who is an incredible artist painted Lambeau Field, Reggie White's number and Brett Favre's number on the blades. Wow, a real Green Bay Packer fan, and it works like a charm, too.

Maybe the best part of all is that I received it from my wife, the Vikings fan.