I know this happens every year. It seems to get a little worse each year. But I wish we could experience the holidays one at a time instead of mixing them together. I know other people feel the way I do.

A few weeks back, I was in one of the big-box home improvement stores and there was a good section of Halloween stuff on sale, but they were condensing it to make room for Christmas stuff. Now I have to admit I got excited about some of the new LED lights this year. But I thought Halloween all of a sudden was now taking a back seat.

So now we are past Halloween. And last night I was driving around and the Christmas lights are coming out and on already. I am in favor of putting them up and testing them while the weather is nice. But some of the ones I saw were not in test mode. I understand that there is typically not a lot of decorating to be done or available for Thanksgiving, but let's let that get here first. My tradition is that the tree goes up and lights come on Thanksgiving night. That's plenty of time to enjoy the spirit of the holidays and line the pockets of the electric companies.

Seriously, I love the holiday season. It's the most magical time of the year and I hope yours is a great one. Soon we will talk about some food traditions.