You know that there has been all this discussion the past couple of years that our bee population is down. The maker of a popular beer using honey has decided to help out the University of Minnesota Bee & Pollinator research lab.

When you buy a Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss at the Minnesota State Fair, they will donate 50 cents to the lab.

According to their website, they study how habitats and floral resources influence wild bee abundance and diversity. Further, we investigate how this abundance and diversity influences the pollination of native plants and crops. And the bee lab has made educating current and future beekeepers a top priority. Curriculum is based on original research conducted by the bee lab and other scholarly sources. All offerings focus on practical information that you can take home and use to improve your beekeeping. The Bee Squad helps beekeepers and the community in the Twin Cities-area foster healthy bee populations and pollinator landscapes through education and hands-on mentorship. And they promote the health of honey bees, through basic studies of social immunity and behavior to applied studies on bee breeding and management.

So have a brew and help the future bees. Just remember to drink responsibly.