The Owatonna Hospital will once again offer their candy buyback of Halloween sweets. Children ages 2-12 may stop at the hospital's main lobby on Tuesday, November 1, between 4-6PM. The hospital will pay $1.50 a pound for your candy with a limit of three pounds. This is for store-bought wrapped candy only.

Youngsters will then be given a healthy snack along with a toothbrush and toothpaste donated by Wottreng Family Dental.

The candy will then be shipped overseas to U.S. troops through Operation Gratitude.

The goal of the buyback is to promote the eating of candy in moderation along with proper preventative dental care. You can find out more by calling (507) 977-2330.

I find that the older I get the harder this moderation part in regards to eating sweets becomes. As a youngster I had excellent discipline and was able to limit myself to one treat a day for it to last. Now sweets don't last very long around me at all. I'm kind of like a feral cat that discovers the Dumpster behind the meat locker. Of course I have the teeth to prove this. Shame on me. Be better than me and take care of your teeth and enjoy your candy in moderation and remember to brush and rinse afterward.