Haley & Michaels are breaking up and taking it really hard, but don't worry — neither their marriage nor their musical partnership is coming to an end. The breakup is in lyrics only, as evidenced by the release of their new single, "Drinking About You."

Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels married in May of 2015, and the duo's last single, "Giving It All (To You)," was their wedding song. They say it was crucial to them to shake things up with the first single from their new EP, Taking Off.

"This song is a moody song about drinking and over-thinking," the duo tells Taste of Country. "It captures an edge and energy that reflects where we are in our career. We didn't want to play it safe and we took chances in the studio with this new music and we can't wait to get it out there!"

Musically the song fits in squarely with contemporary country, but the lyrics address two of country music's most classic themes, heartbreak and alcohol, played out in a bar as the singers are drinking to escape the pain of a failed relationship: "Here's to the last call whiskey, wondering if you're alone / Here's the guy who's buying, the guy who's trying to take you home / Here's to one too many, and nowhere near enough ..." the duo sing in a trade-off lead vocal.

The singers grew up just three miles apart in California, but never met until they both moved to Nashville. They released their self-titled EP in October of 2014, and have received glowing comments from Billboard, as well as a featured slot as a 2016 Artist to Watch from the Huffington Post. "Drinking About You" is set for official release on Friday (July 1).

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