A pretty good crowd showed up at the OHS gym Saturday when the NRHEG girls basketball team took on Minneapolis Washburn...Just like last winters tourney, another win for the Panthers. I tried to look the crowd over good. So often at sporting events you see parents, grandparents and current students.  Yesterday I noticed active teachers, retired teachers, students from classes gone by, a 70 some year old widower who came by himself, parents with their grade school age children. When you're as small as NRHEG, it's hard to find something the community can rally around and call their own. Often it's the sports teams and when they have the success of the Lady Panthers, that's like adding gravy to the taters..Keep up the good work and the good support!!

My daughter is home visiting and she and my wife have both asked for me to show them how to use the snow blower. I am a bit shakey, I'm drooling and trembling...these are the ones who tell me to blow it the other way!!! not so close to the house!!!! don't spray it over the dogs!!!! careful or you'll break a window!!! Oh my, and now they will be running the snow blower and I will be the one standing there staring... Please oh please, Mr. Snowblower....start!!!!!