The shot wasn't that strong, but the goalie (me) misplayed it and the ball trickled in to the goal, ending the church youth group broomball excursion to the park on Sunday.

Time was running out, so "first to five" was the winner. An hour running around on the ice is pretty exhausting, even for the teenagers. A temperature in the 20s and light wind made for a perfect day for the event. The light coating of snow gave us very good traction on the ice, eliminating many of those flailing falls by those of us who are not too athletic.

The adults won the first game. I was on that team. The girls won the second game. I was not on that team. My daughter is about to head back to college, so it was a nice chance to get in some good family fun time with her, too. Plus my son didn't work Sunday morning, so you could say the stars aligned for us.

We didn't even break a good broom from home, like we did last time! I decided not to buy a real broom ball, but instead found a Nerf ball that was just fine. Also the Little Tyke hockey sticks we got for the kids years ago worked quite well. I guess some of those items you save for years because "they will come in handy some day" actually do.

I really enjoy the chance to work with the youth at church. I started teaching Sunday School when my daughter first went to those classes, more than 15 years ago. She and my son have both long moved on to youth group activities and beyond, but I am still down on the floor with the pre-K kids most Sunday mornings! Maybe it keeps me feeling a bit younger than I am, but it gets a little harder to get up off the floor every year.