Saturday, December 12, is the day to stock up on Christmas cookies and goodies.

St. John Lutheran Church of Owatonna is offering its Cookie Walk this Saturday from 9AM to noon. They'll have hundreds of cookies and Christmas goodies. Most items will be $4 per dozen or $2 per half dozen. They will also have cinnamon rolls for a $1 or six for $5. Complimentary coffee and hot cocoa will be served.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Medford will host its Christmas Cookie and Candy Sale along with a breakfast this Saturday from 8-11AM. Fill your boxes with homemade Christmas cookies, candy and party mix for $7 per pound. Boxes will be provided.

The breakfast will consist of French toast, sausage, juice, milk and coffee for $4.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church of Owatonna will be selling Christmas cookies and goodies as well. Hours at the church will be 8-10am.

Choosing a favorite Christmas cookie is a bit hard, but I'd have to pick peanut butter, followed closely behind by chocolate oatmeal drops. Near the bottom of my list would be Oreos. It all goes back to what might be a familiar story that may have happened to you. As a youngster I got ahold of a package of Oreos while no one was around and ate the whole thing. They didn't stay down long and to this day I have can't look at an Oreo without remembering that day long ago.

When I was a child, my mother would make those chocolate oatmeal drop cookies. A number of years ago I came into the house and found a plate of those yummy cookies on the table. Wow, it must have been my daughter. I now have Hannah to make my favorites. I took a bite and gagged it out. Terrible. How do you tell your daughter her cookies are terrible? I mentioned this to my wife and she started laughing. Alas, the joke was on me. It wasn't chocolate drop cookies for dad, it was horse treat cookies for the horses. I still get ribbed about that. I'll close with a mystery. Somehow my daughter's recipe for "Horse Treat Cookies" got into our church centennial cookbook. Nobody knows how that happened. Years later a local newspaper columnist was writing about oatmeal and she included in her story a couple of what she called delicious recipes involving oatmeal. Yup, one of those she reprinted was my daughter's recipe for "horse treat cookies" I sure hope no one ever tried that. Of course if they did, I reckon they wouldn't say anything.

Christmas Goodies On Sale Saturday. Townsquaremedia