Here's an interesting event you and your family or maybe you and your buddies can take part in. On Sunday, August 28, the Owatonna Park and Rec is hosting the second annual Cardboard Boat Race on Lake Kohlmier. The race will be from 10AM to noon.

Teams of one or two people will compete against each other in boats constructed solely of cardboard and duct tape. Use your imagination and create your own unique sailing vessel. I Googled "cardboard boats" and found a ton of ideas like a miniature Titanic, an ambulance, Tow Mater from Cars, battleships, viking ships and even a re-creation of the time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future.

You must register for the race by this Friday, August 19, by stopping by the Owatonna Park and Rec or calling (507) 444-4321. Make sure you build your boat according to the rules so you don't get disqualified. Some of the rules are: the boat and paddle must be made entirely of cardboard and duct tape, but you can use any color duct tape you want and in any design you desire. You can build the boat in any shape or form, although I remind you this is a family friendly event. Of course your watercraft is going to be inspected before the race and cannot be altered in any way once the boat is at the venue.

Make sure you bring a cheering section along with you to root you on as you try to finish the race before you sink. Bon voyage!