Springtime brings warmer sunny days or warmer cloudy days, or something like that anyway.

This time of year makes me think of "On The Move." That means trying to get 10,000 steps. I like to "practice" the pedometer, "stepper," before the real deal. I forget sometimes how much effort it really takes to get 10,000 steps.

At the station here, we get involved with "On The Move." One co-worker goes fishing, he gets lots and lots of steps that way. I do some gardening and yard work, that helps some. My husband and I will get out and throw the Frisbee around or play catch. Hopefully we can get some golfing in this year.

Some small tips I have include parking as far away, but still in the same parking lot, from the door whether for work or shopping. Then if there are multiple trips, that is a few extra steps. Taking the stairs is another small tip.

They give a long conversion sheet to help us get those 10,000 steps.

The Easter Egg Hunt is coming to a close; tomorrow is the last one. In this picture, just two eggs.