The Ellendale School will be the setting for Garden Party Bingo on Saturday, April 30, starting at 6:30PM. There will be 40 games of bingo with one card selling for $15 or two cards for $25.

Winners will get to take their pick of the prizes. There will also be several large items auctioned off during a live auction. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Proceeds will help fund the new playground at the Ellendale School. The public is invited.

Check out some of the prizes up for grabs below.

  • 1

    Wishing Well

    A wishing well goes well just about anywhere in the lawn or garden. Put a basket or pot of flowers in the well. Here's a tip guys. Lift up the basket and hide your garden tools under the basket. The wife will never think of looking there.

    A wishing well will be one of the items you might win. Photo courtesy of Becky Johnson.
  • 2


    Here's a bench that might be yours.

    A cute bench for your garden is one of the prizes to be won on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Becky Johnson.
  • 3


    It looks like there will be something green to win as well on Saturday night.

    Here are a few more prizes you could win Saturday night. Photo courtesy of Becky Johnson
  • 4

    Stuff to Hang

    Here are some decorations to hang in your garden. You could probably take the coffee pot indoors during the winter and use it. Maybe.

    Here's some things to hang in your yard or garden. Photo courtesy of Becky Johnson. s
  • 5

    Storage Chest

    The rusted galvanized tin adds to the charm of this storage chest.

    Saturday's bingo will also feature many handmade items to win. Photo courtesy of Becky Johnson