This past weekend had some great weather for Ellendale Days.

My first stop was the Classic Car Show. It was big this year, taking up most of the area, but with plenty of room to walk around. I was told there were many more new entries than in years past. They were in the shape of a "M" or "E," depending on your perspective. Some of the cars were from Ellendale, New Richland, Geneva, Albert Lea and Faribault.

One a side note. I took a scenic route to my mom's and I noticed an off-green and silver classic car. That car was at the show on Saturday. That was cool.

Next stop was for food at the NRHEG Band Boosters Pancake Breakfast. The marching band will be going to Orlando this year. Other closer trips include St. Peter and Algona. Earlier this year they went to Mapleton and Lake Crystal. Good pancakes.

At the City Park, there were games for kids and the Reptile Zoo. There was a Burmese python, a young alligator, tortoise and smaller creatures as well.

A scavenger hunt was going on, and there were four teams that were going from place to place. A couple of the items were putting together a puzzle of 100 pieces without the picture and putting a hand into a bowl of grapes covered in cooking oil to fish out some items. It was mentioned to get the adults to do one next year. That would be fun.

The parade was at 4PM with music afterward. The tractor pull was on Sunday. Check out the pictures above.