It's been about a month or so since we last checked out what's free on Craigslist in the area. Let's see what's out there for the taking in January.

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    Baby's First Christmas Stocking

    I can see it now, two parties driving an hour each and meeting in a dark parking lot. There the exchanging of the Winnie the Pooh Christmas stocking will take place.

    Why would you give this away anyway? Photo courtesy of Craiglist.
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    Who could resist not having their very own mule! I know a farm family down near Hope that insist that having a mule keeps coyotes away.

    I wonder what the Humane Society would do if someone came by with a mule? Photo courtesy of Craigslist.
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    Port a Potty

    This is kind of creepy. Just something about a used porta potty. When you buy a used car you ask how many miles on it. So, would it be proper to ask the owner how many times this has been used? Though the speakers could be fun.

    I doubt anyone picks this up. Photo courtesy of Craigslist.
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    Used Tires

    I'd actually show up to this place with cash in hand. I'd pay for the name and phone number of the person who took their old worn-out tires.

    Any bets as to whether anyone shows up for these? Photo courtesy of Craigslist.
  • 5

    Used Boat

    I wonder if this party is just trying to sell a boat trailer? I'd think someone would be interested in a free boat even if it didn't run.

    Someone will probably take advantage of this. Photo courtesy of Craigslist.