The city flower baskets are scheduled to be hung throughout the city of Owatonna today. A total of 125 will be going up. Flower baskets planted at Souba Green House of Owatonna have been hung throughout the city since 2004.

The approximate cost to plant and maintain a single basket for the season is $95. If you're up early enough, you'll see the water wagon making its regular route each morning.

Donations to the flower basket campaign are tax deductible. You can choose one basket for $95, two baskets for $190, three baskets for $285 or five baskets for a $475 donation. Or you may simply offer what you choose by stopping at the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce office.

You can find a donation form at the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce website.

If you would like to volunteer to be on the Flower Basket committee or have any questions, call (507) 451-7970.