Two weeks ago, 14 inches of rain fell in 48 hours on Waseca. About 75 percent of the homes received some type of flood damage. Many homes were not just flooded with water, but sewage as well.

Churches, the Red Cross and other organizations gathered on Thursday and Friday this week to try to lend a helping hand to more than 200 families.

Many places look fine on the outside, but some places had as much as 5 feet of water in the basement. That's a lot. Even if you are prepared and have things up off the floor, everything gets damaged with that much water.

But the town has pulled together and people are making their tough decisions with what to do next. The bright spot for many was looking at the snow that was going to hit up north this week, and they looked at that as being worse than what they were dealing with here.

Everything is always relative.

Kenyon Park Flooding