The Ellendale Fire Department was called back out on Tuesday to the site of a Monday fire that destroyed a home in Hope.

A fire rekindled Tuesday around noon at the scene of a house that was destroyed on Monday. The flare-up was due to a stockpile of papers and magazines that were being used in a wood-burning stove, which was the original cause of the fire.

The strong wind was partially to blame for Tuesday's flare-up, which was more smoke than fire. Monday's blaze left only one wall of the structure standing. The chimney had become disconnected from the fireplace leading to the fire. The owner was admitted to the Owatonna hospital on Monday.

Mark Lee of the Ellendale Fire Department said it's common for this kind of fire to flare up. Crews had also been called back out on Monday night. The original call came in around 8:30 a.m. Monday. The Owatonna and Geneva departments also responded. About 25 firefighters fought the blaze.