Sunday, Aug. 30, was a pleasant day as the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group and friends came to together to put up the Field of Flags, taking about two hours.

The Field of Flags on Highway 218 is right across from the City Building in Blooming Prairie. Each year is a work in progress and they think of something new. In addition to the 250 pink and light pink flags, which are 3-feet-by-5-feet, this year a new flag was added that towers over them. The new flag, which 5-feet-by-8-feet, is black with pink lettering and ribbons. It says "Support the Fighters. Admire the Survivors. Honor the Taken."

One year the ground was so hard and pounding in the rods proved to be difficult. Now the fire department will water down the field in advance to make it easier.

The group had about 25 volunteers. Two groups put the flags together. That means the flag pole, attaching the flag with plastic ties and each flag had an additional mini flag. Each mini flag has a handwritten "In Honor of ..." some with "Continue the fight" or "In Memory of ..." and that was followed by who gave the gift.

Helpers also included a group pounding all 250 rods in the ground. That group did include a few players of the Blooming Prairie football team and some added helpers.

One more group included the people putting the flags on the rods. Sometimes the wind made it a challenge.

The new flag was raised by Cheri K. and Brennan T., who were chosen because they are survivors. All the flag poles were made by Denny and his gang at Metal Services in Blooming Prairie.

The Field of Flags is for all to see because in some way we have all been touched by cancer.

Also a reminder, the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group will have its auction on Friday, Sept. 11, and Saturday, Sept. 12.

Saturday will also include a walk that begins at the Field of Flags, Cut for a Cure from 9-1, Bingo beginning at 4PM and Styx of Fury will perform up to the auction beginning at 6:30PM.