The controversy surrounding the Faribault Emeralds High Kick dance team championship continues. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts were abuzz with conversation about it and all the major radio talk show stations in the Twin Cities were getting listeners to weigh in on the happenings. Some of them, however, didn't mention the fact the Emeralds were cleared of any wrongdoing by the Minnesota State High School League after an investigation into an allegation that the dance team copied a routine from an out-of-state school.

In a statement on their website, the league noted they would investigate what happened Saturday night at the awards ceremony and league staff and the board of directors, "will determine a course of action after that investigation is complete."

Everywhere I went in Faribault on Monday people wanted to talk about it. Most suggested the teams involved be banned from competing next year. I don't know what the appropriate punishment would be. I do have a suggestion though, if teams are worried about the copying of routines -- have all the schools do the same routine and then the school judged to be the best at that routine would be the winner. It might actually be better. The degree of difficulty would be the same for all those competing. In the high kick competition, the number of kicks would be the same and the teams would all be judged for their execution of that routine. Does this make any sense?

I'd love to get some opinions from people who understand the competition better than I do. I'm sure some of the fun would be taken away, because doing the choreography provides part of the pleasure.