We have a real treat for our KDHL listeners around the globe on AM Minnesota on Thursday. World War II Women's Air Service Pilot Liz Strohfus will be joined on the program by Dr. Roy Anderson, Carroll Springmeyer, Archie Temple and Col. Kevin Sliwinski of the Minnesota Civil Air Patrol. Strohfus has received two Congressional Gold Medals for her service with the Civil Air Patrol program. Anderson's father, Roy Anderson Sr., served in the CAP from February 1942 to March 1946, and he received the medal on behalf of his father on Jan. 24 at Fleming Field in South St. Paul.

Springmeyer's dad was Stewart Shaft, and she also received a medal on his behalf at the Fleming Field ceremony. Temple knows his dad was in the CAP during WWII and is searching for some proof. He hopes some of our loyal listeners may be able to assist him with that so he can get a Congressional Gold Medal for his dad. There is a neat tie-in here and we'll hear about it on the program. Strohfus credits Shaft with getting her interested in flying. Strohfus received her first Congressional Gold Medal in 1979 and another in 2014 from the National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol. She also received a medal in 2010 for her service as a Women's Air Service Pilot.

The Civil Air Patrol was started in 1941, and their contributions to the war effort included sinking two enemy submarines and saving hundreds of crash victims during the war. I hope you can tune in. If not, check out the program on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/kdhlradio. The 95-year-old Strohfus is one of my all-time favorite people, and if you tune in I think you'll know why.

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My favorite picture of Elizabeth "Betty Wall" Strohfus