Gearing up for the Steele County Free Fair and that means Fair Talk with Todd Hale. Thursday, June 9, was the first day of Fair Talk on KRFO. Director of Public Relations Todd Hale and SCFF Secretary/Manager Jim Gleason were in at 9:40AM to talk about the new music, attractions, stage and food at the fair.

Hale mentioned that Richie Lee will be in Central Park on Wednesday, June 15.

Celebrating their 90th anniversary, it will be Izaak Walton Day on Saturday, Aug. 20.

Gleason mentioned the new Elmer Reeseland Stage by the 4-H building will be dedicated on Tuesday, Aug. 16. Throughout the fair, Enticing Entertainment - jugglers and acrobatics from Minneapolis - and Thank A Farmer Joyce will be sharing the stage throughout the days. Owatonna Gymnastics team will be on there Thursday (Aug. 18) and Friday (Aug. 19) at 4PM also.

New music in the Beer Garden during the fair includes:

  • The Covers on Tuesday with Rock & Roll
  • Them Pesky Kids will be rocking Thursday night
  • MoJos Blues Band on Friday afternoon
  • Friday night will include two bands: Zed Lepplin - tribute to Led Zepplin, and Lizard King - tribute to the Doors
  • Country Rock on Saturday night with Jacqueline Rose

There will be new music on the stages:

  • Tuesday 5:45PM -- KRFO stage -- Walter's Wheelhouse with Blooming Prairie's Janelle Prokopec Kendall in the band
  • Adam Wayne Band on KRFO stage Saturday 7:30PM with country
  • Danika Portz will be on UPB stage Thursday 8PM
  • Snowy River Band Reunions Saturday 8:30PM on UPB stage

Battle of the Bands Wednesday night at the fair will include SKAR, the first band to enter. SKAR is led by Chris Hansen, an Owatonna graduate who now lives in South Dakota. The band is Chris, his wife, Cheryl, son Nolan and friend Shawn.

NEW Food at the SCFF includes: cream puffs, schnitzel on pretzel buns, dynamite dog, West Indian dishes and drink fruit from a fruit.

A reminder that Wednesday, June 15, is the deadline to make a suggestion for the 2017 SCFF theme slogan. It will be revealed during the fair. Mail it to the fair office at Box 650, Owatonna, Minn., or email:

The Premmium Book, now the Exhibitor's Guide, will be on June 20. The Steele County Free Fair is August 16-21, 2016.

Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media