Emery Kleven with the Minnesota Farm Network has challenged me, and I don't like to lose! Minnesota food banks are challenging everyone to take the Empty Plate Challenge. The idea is to raise awareness of growing hunger issues in Minnesota. It is kind of like the ALS Challenge, without the ice-cold water. Empty Plate Challenge participants can elect to pass on a meal to show support for Minnesota's hungry and post a picture of themselves with an empty plate on social media with the hashtag #EmptyPlateChallenge or choose to make a donation to HarvestToEndHungerMN.org/EmptyPlate, or do both. Emery passed on a meal plus made a $25 donation. So, I will pass on TWO meals and make a $30 donation. Now, if a "poor" radio guy and part-time farmer, who they say is cheap (I prefer frugal) can make a $30 donation, how about you? Consider yourself CHALLENGED!