The Ellendale City Council met on Thursday, April 9. After a month of discussion and input from residents, the council voted 4 to 1 to keep the Steele County Sheriff protection.

Before the vote, Councilor Scott Groth said he had heard from the school and Whispering Oak that they would like to see the sheriff protection continue. Councilor Stephanie Kibler was at a County Commissioners Conference where some felt having the sheriff protection was comparable to having the community vaccinated against infection from an unknown source.

Going forward, the council will investigate other revenue resources and the possibility of putting together an advisory board made up of community residents to help bring in outside money for community projects.

Other topics discussed included posting all city ordinances on the city website. The council will use the process to update or eliminate outdated ordinances.

Upcoming city street projects were briefly discussed, as well as an upcoming meeting with Steele County Emergency Management and residential fire pit regulations.