The Ellendale 4th grade class started a tradition 12 years agoFirst giving to the Albert Lea Angel tree, and more recently to the Ellendale Area Food Shelf.  This year, taught by Mrs. Schultz, Mr. Paukert, Mrs. Stork and Mrs. Wimer, Ellendale 3rd graders donated 152.8 pounds of food and other items to the food shelf on Wednesday (12/17) and there will be more coming Thursday (12/18).

Originally, fourth grade teachers Mr. Garry Nordhorn and Mrs. Susan Den Herder began a tradition that asked the students, "Would you like a $3 gift or would you like use the money to help others?"  They elected to help others...and the tradition continues!

The third graders did the shopping at Lerberg's Foods.  To make the task a little easier, students were given examples of items needed by the food shelf to help them shop.  That list includes:  canned vegetables and fruit, cereal, canned soups, canned tuna/chicken and baking ingredients (flour, sugar and chocolate chips).  It was also suggested to look for sale items.

It was made clear NO JUNK FOOD or SWEET DRINKS.

After donating and weighing the items, they were able to tour the food shelf.