Today's election results aren't exactly flying in. Here are some of the results thus far:

Waterville-Elysian-Morristown passes both questions on the ballot.

A renewal of expiring referendum passed 1,063 to 372.

A request for an additional $450 per pupil for 10 years passed 768 to 666.

Cannon Falls approved a school district referendum revenue authorization of $500 per pupil for 10 years in a 960 to 514 vote.

In the Lonsdale Municipal election, Kevin Kodada (157) and Cindy Furrer (126) garnered more votes than Doug Fink (119) and Joshua Warren (90) for open city council seats.

Mayor Tim Rud ran unopposed and received 217 votes. There were 26 write-in votes cast.

Owatonna school district voters approved a $77.8 million building bond request for acquisition and betterment of school facilities, including deferred maintenance on school buildings, safety and security updates, and school building additions. The measure passed 4,952 to 3,697.

Lakeville passed its $100 per pupil 10-year levy request.

The levy increase will lower teacher-to-student ratios, reinstate fifth-grade band and elementary art. It passed 5,012 to 3,545.

Lakeville also passed a capital project levy in the amount of 2.981 times the net tax capacity for 10 years. It will raise about $20 million over that time. It passed 4,657 to 3,897.

Hayfield's operating levy request was approved 389 to 297.

A new five-year $851.78 per-pupil levy will raise about $230,000 a year beginning in 2017.


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