There was severe weather that rolled through the area early Monday morning. I woke up to cracks of thunder and some wind. I did hear a little hail, but it was not very big.

I went to the National Weather Service's website,, for storm results.

Owatonna received 2.66 inches of rain, with winds of 15-25 mph and gusts at 30-45 mph. The heaviest rainfall came from 7:35-7:55AM, with almost 1 inch falling in that time.

Albert Lea received 2.40 inches of rain, with the heaviest, 1.14 inches, falling from 7:10-7:30AM, and winds were 15-25 mph with a gust reported at 51 mph.

Austin received the most rain in the area with 3.71 inches. They had heavy rain from 6:15-6:35AM, receiving a little over 1.50 inches, then again from 7:35-7:55AM with 1.38 inches reported. Winds in the Austin area were 15-25 mph.

Dodge Center received just over 2 inches of rain, with winds at 15-25 mph and gusting to 30-35 mph. The rain came down heavy from 7:30-7:55AM, with .89 of an inch reported.

Faribault received 1.04 inches, and had winds around 15-25 mph.

I took some pictures on my way into work, so they are from Ellendale, Highway 30 and County Roads 3 and 45.