You've heard and read it... there are no dumb questions. Maybe not, but there are a few instances...A few years back in the grocery checkout, I heard the clerk ask a customer what this is.. It's beets.. I also heard the same "what is this" question in regards to a canteloupe or muskmelon. I don't consider these dumb questions, they just haven't been around a garden much.  I bring this subject up because a lady about my age, born in the country, raised in the country and still living in the country recently asked me how string beans grow. On a thing like a raspberry bush? Huh? Well, perhaps she's never had a garden and I explained the best I could. I've saved the best for last as these next two are REAL borderline dumb questions in my opinion. A number of years ago my mother sold what was left of the family farm to a couple from the Twin Cities. I was helping her to clean up the loose ends when the new woman owner commented on the cute little white shed.  I told her that was a actually a biffie, an out house, an outdoor toilet. Oh, does it still work? What did she just ask????

What I wanted to say: Well, it did till a few years ago, mom accidently dropped a plunger down the hole and it hasn't been the same since.

What I really said: Yes, go ahead and try it, it's yours now. You might want to rap on the outside before entering though as Ma said she's been seeing possums come out from the back.

Oh yes, there is more. Later the lady said.. Loren, when your dad milked cows, did he let them in the barn?

What I wanted to say: It depends on the amount of milk. If they gave a lot of milk during the year, he'd let them in the barn on New Years Eve . Sort of a thank you party for them.

What I really said: Yes..We had electric milkers so we brought them in then.

If these last two questions weren't dumb, they come pretty close in my opinion. So, perhaps there ARE dumb questions...