So. It took extra long to get through that intersection because each person was giving up their right-of-way to the other drivers? That's Minnesota Nice on the roadway.

"The Survey Says!" Minnesota is one of the nicest states in how we treat each other on the road. We are 4th, behind Vermont, Utah and New Hanmpshire for the best motorists in the country. Might sound a bit hard to believe when you think of the last time you tried to maneuver a Zipper Merge during last year's construction season!

The results are from a variety of sources including the National Highway Traffic Safety Council and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The evidence:

  • Second fewest fatalities in the nation per 100-million miles driven
  • Seventh safest in careless driving violations
  • 19th ranked for drunk driving (which doesn't sound too good)
  • 26th for speeding tickets
Maybe we are good drivers, but I wonder who did the math for those rankings!
Let's hope everyone can get along on the road during the upcoming work on I-35 through Owatonna, this year and next. And during the roundabout work at the Medford exit from June 9 through July 19. How to drive in a roundabout. (turn right, close eyes, then turn wheel to the left)

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