Saturday evening I was at the Steele County Fair for the KDHL Steele County Fair Southern Minnesota Ag Ambassador of the year presentation. After the program a shower moved through while the sun was shining. I noticed this beautiful double rainbow in the eastern sky. According to Accuweather, a double rainbow is an optical illusion. Sunlight enters a raindrop and creates two reflections before exiting the rain droplet. When sunlight enters a rain droplet it is spread into a spectrum. The second rainbow is actually a reflection of the first rainbow.

Seeing a rainbow is a sign of a weather change and good luck. I am sure Steele County Fair Board members were wishing there would have been a rainbow a little earlier in the week! I heard there were 6-7 inches of rain at the Steele County fairgrounds during the 2016 fair. Four of the grandstand events were canceled because of the rain and one was ended early. At least there was nice weather Saturday evening and Sunday to wrap up the 2016 Steele County Fair.