Recently our minister's sermon was based on making mistakes. He related the story about the time he was greeting the congregation after church. He acknowledged a young couple by shaking their hands and stating "this is your first time here, isn't it?"  It wasn't. And he added, "Sadly, I believe it was their last time in my church." Oops. Don't say that.

How about a liquor store clerk that greets you by your first name. Good to see you again! You don't go in there that often do you? Don't say that.

You check in for your doctor's appointment. "Good afternoon, Mr. X, and how are you today?" You mean I gotta tell you, too? Don't say that. (Though I understand the check-in person is just being polite.)

You're chatting with a Timberwolves fan. Did they win last night? Dumb question. Don't say that.

You tell your wife you like tonight's supper. It's sure better than last night's. Don't say that.

You walk into a room with two women and say, "My, oh my, someone sure smells good. I like that perfume." Don't say that.

Or how about a barber who finishes your haircut and says, "All done, hope I didn't cut too much off." Well? Ah? Don't say that.