The Dodge County Fair Ribbon Auction took place on Saturday, July 18. There are more than 300 participants in Dodge County's 4-H programs. The Ribbon Auction is the 4-H program's major fundraiser to offset cost for the youth that attend the state fair, helps provide scholarships and provides year-round programming.

The different clubs in Dodge County's 4-H programs include Young Riders, Galloping Dodgers, Ripley's Believe It or Nots, Dodge County Dog Project, Zumbro Rockets, Canisteo Young Farmers, Eden Progressive Gophers, Super Jets/Vernon Victors, Oslo All Stars, Mighty Clovers and Milton Climbers.

DuPont Pioneer made a $2,000 donation to the Livestock Barns at the Dodge County Fair.

In the auction, there were 21 horses, five dogs, one cat, 27 dairy, 11 goats, three sheep, one llama, 20 beef, 10 rabbits, two poultry and 10 swine.

A couple of side notes. This is the first time I had seen a cat at this auction. I was a little worried for it. I have to say the 4-Her did a great job. The cat did not seem to mind the crowd, the loudspeaker or being handled. I was told that it had been a few years since there had been a cat in the auction.

The first rabbit up for auction was actually a racing rabbit, that is why it is on a leash. Also the llama was a first and I was told it has been several years since the last llama was shown.

There were two poultry in the auction. The 4-Hers brought little stuffed chickens with 4-H hankies around the necks and the bidder did receive the chicken. The 4-Hers were judged on the pictures and talk about their poultry project.

Last year's Ribbon Auction raised $39,595. This year it raised $44,800. Last year's final bid was $1,800. This year's was $1,600. The last bid is where the companies are bidding $100. That also means the 4-Her has to write out 16 thank you notes. Nice to know that the individual will get help with that.