Most of us and/or maybe our parents had at one time or another a Mr. Coffee machine. It seemed to revolutionize how we made our cup of coffee in the morning. They were durable and inexpensive enough that it was very easy if it broke to just throw it away and run to your favorite department or sometimes even hardware store and pick up a new one.

Part of the reason the sales of them took off is that they got "Joltin" Joe DiMaggio to do their TV commercials. You didn't hear much about the guys in the background -- Samuel Glazer and Vincent Marotta. They wanted a drip brewing system, like those found in restaurants, but in a smaller household kitchen-sized item. They got the company off the ground in 1972. They sold the company in 1987 for $182 million, according to the Associated Press. Glazer died in 2012. And Marotta died last Saturday in Cleveland. He was 91. Now you know who he was and, as the late Paul Harvey used to say, "now you know, the rest of the story."