Dierks Bentley is willing to take some musical risks -- but he will worry about it when he does. The Arizona native admits that he "lose[s] so much sleep over single choices," and had plenty of sleepless nights related to his Black album singles "Somewhere on a Beach" and "Different for Girls."

"I think ["Somewhere on a Beach"] was kind of risky, because I know some of my more hardcore fans. I remember reading somewhere this one fan that really had been supporting me for a long time, she said, ‘I’m so happy that Dierks is having success, but I can’t stand that he’s having it with this song,’" Bentley recently recounted to The Boot and other reporters. "As I do with my [favorite] artists, you kind of peg them in certain places, and you don’t like them to move out of certain places."

"Somewhere at the Beach" ended up landing at the top of the charts -- but that didn't make Bentley any less worried about releasing "Different for Girls," which he sings with Elle King.

"To not come back with a big tempo thing, and going somewhere totally different with this song, it’s an idea that’s very new for me to sing about," admits the singer. "I lost a lot of sleep over that one, too. I didn’t think I could lose anymore sleep than "Somewhere on a Beach," and there was a week I didn’t sleep at all, thinking about what the next single should be."

Now beginning to think about his third Black single, Bentley is gearing up for even more lost sleep "and increasing my red wine intake." The artist also has his eyes on another bluegrass project, a followup to 2010's Up on the Ridge.

"I want to do another concept record like that," Bentley reveals. "I don’t want to do just part two, [I want to] have it be something that takes it either one direction or another, whether it’s more collaborating ... or maybe going a little more stark, or trying to do something that revolves around some figures in bluegrass."

As Bentley considers his next project, he know that he wants to once again write some of its material while staying open to the great outside cuts that come his way.

"You want to cut something that you’re always going to want to sing for the rest of your career. You never want to put something out that you feel like you have to sing; you want to cut something that’s going to feel good forever -- just a great song," Bentley explains. ""Somewhere on a Beach" and "Different for Girls" are so different -- totally different themes and sounds and ideas -- but they’re both unique in their own little tiny twist of a way that’s kind of hard to describe."

Black is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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