The first Depression Awareness 5K run will take place Saturday, May 21 in Blooming Prairie. It will be run in memory and honor of Alex Jorgenson, who was a suicide victim.

High school sophomore Rylee Fawver said the idea came about as the result of a history final project. A 5K run was decided on. This came about near the first anniversary of the death of Alex and hence the decision was made to honor Alex's memory with the run.

The run begins at 8:30AM near the Blooming Prairie School and will end near the school as well. Registration will begin at 7:30 Saturday morning. The fee is $10 for those 18 and older and those 17 and younger the entrance fee is $5.

Alex's mother Kristi joined Fawver for an edition of AM 1390's Talk of the Town. She pointed out the importance of discussing depression, and those in need of help are encouraged to seek it. She also pointed out the importance of listening to and observing people who suffer from depression.