Townsquare Radio in Rochester hosted its first Harvest Jam on Saturday, Sept. 12. Fantastic weather and a great lineup led to a big crowd at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds.

The headline attraction was national recording artist Craig Morgan. The crowd was on its feet for most of his performance, which opened with "International Harvester." I saw at least one I-H hat, and not nearly as many cowboy hats as I expected. I also saw a fan wearing a winter coat. I know it was cool, but a winter coat?

Morgan delivered solid performances of his hits "What I Love About Sunday" and "Redneck Yacht Club." I also enjoyed the Mario Brothers theme music the band played during their introduction. Morgan added an Eagles song and some deep cuts from his CDs.

Due to my schedule I arrived at the fairgrounds at 6PM, so I missed a couple of the early acts. But I saw local band Lost Highway. Their performance was plagued by some mic trouble, but the lead singer rolled with the technical trouble and made some jokes about it. Their song "Tubin" has been a big summer request in Rochester. They played a good share of their own music as well as covers of some current top country hits.

The food was reasonably priced from a variety of Rochester restaurants. Easy parking was a bonus. Next year I have got to remember my lawn chair.



A sea of chairs filled the Ohlmsted County Fairgrounds in Rochester for the first Harvest Jam. Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media